I was in Thailand!


Long time, no see.

And I was in Thailand – more precisely on Phuket! Last December my boyfriend and I packed up our things and booked a last minute flight and hotel to Phuket – best decision ever! I am usually no a very spontaneous person and things like booking a flight one week prior to departure kinda freaks me out. I am more the “I am planning my trips half a year before” kind of person. But we did it and let me tell you it was a strange feeling. I usually get really excited about going abroad and the time before leaving is filled with pleasant anticipation. This time it felt like as if I didn’t really realize that I am actually going to Thailand in like a week and everything felt kinda surreal. 

We had a really good flight to Thailand 615-544-6765 , the planes weren’t fully booked so we had a lot of space to ourselves. Same on the way back. We stayed at a hotel complex with a nice breakfast buffet. Since we were only there for a week, we focused on relaxing and only went to Phuket Town once and to do some sightseeing another day.

I really enjoyed our time on Phuket and we’re definitely going back! Unfortunately my dream of spending some time with elephants didn’t come true yet since we decided to not support the elephant tourist attractions. Baby elephants in chains is a no-go! So hopefully, next time when we’re going we will get the chance to visit an elephant rescue center and spend some time with those lovely giants. But for now, let me just show you some pictures…

thumb_DSC00089_1024Phuket Town has some really lovely streets.







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